Watch our video installation protection MAT black vinyl bag

Here are some explanations to simply ask stickers and bubble.
The stickers are delivered or lettering on a transparent transfer paper called "tape" to meet and view the position of the patterns ordered.
If you do not install your stickers quickly after receiving them, store them flat, out of direct sunlight and dry.

Surface preparation:

• It must be perfectly clean and dry.
• If you put on the glass, it must be completely degreased. Why use rubbing alcohol.
• The right temperature for installation is around 20 degrees.
• Avoid placing in direct sunlight, heat promotes the appearance of bubbles.
  To ask a decal or lettering:

Scraper or an old phone card.
• With your scraper, scrape the transparent film of your sticker emphasizing the reasons. On small stickers or small areas you can simply rub with your thumb, making sure to always be in the same direction so as not to offend the sticker.
• This allow a smooth, bubble-free sticker and facilitates the adhesion of the sticker to the holder.
• Separate the clear film from the paper by peeling.
• You will notice that the letters or motifs off and come with transparent film (tape).
• Start by gluing one edge of your sticker where you want it.
• Then spread the entire surface of the transparent film on your support.
• Starting from the center to the ends, scrape by pressing hard on the sticker.
• Finally, you just need to slowly remove the transparent film.
• To do this, start off an angle on top of the sticker and then gently pull the opposite.
• Your sticker is placed.
• If you see small bubbles, try to hunt with your squeegee, or puncture the bubble with a pin and press it with your finger to remove the air.

Tip: To make sure you put your right sticker, do not hesitate to draw a line in pencil to use as a guide before installing!